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Dry & Store Dry-Brik II Desiccant 3 Pack

Dry and Store Dry-Brik Desiccant
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In development for over two years, the new desiccant product contains a more aggressive sorbent with much greater moisture-adsorbing capacity, packaged in an attractive, molded, disposable container.  The launch of the Dry-Brik II also brings with it new consumer-friendly packaging, custom designed for this exciting new product.  Dry-Brik II is packaged in a 3-pack.  Each Dry-Brik II has a two-month life expectancy, even under the most humid conditions.  A 3-pack will typically last six months.When to replace the Dry-Brik: Useful desiccant life varies widely with the seasons, local climate, and activity level of the user, so individual results may vary. General guidelines:
Replace the Dry-Brik every month during warm weather months.
Replace it every two months the rest of the year. When the color dot on the label turns to a very light pink, it is an early notice that the Dry-Brik will need to be changed soon, but it is not a precise indicator. There is usually no need to replace it sooner than one month even if the indicator dot on the label changes color before then.