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DryBoost UV

DryBoost UV is a maintenance system for your rechargeable hearing aids or amplifiers. Accommodates most charging bases so you can recharge your devices while sanitizing and drying them at a temperature appropriate for rechargeable devices.
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With a precisely-controlled drying temperature that was designed specifically for use with rechargeable batteries, DryBoost UV is a great companion to your hearing instruments. The gentle heat works with a fan to create circulation around your hearing instruments and charging base, pulling the moisture from them and helping to prolong device life, reduce service issues, and increase audio performance.

  • Utilizes a UV-C lamp to provide sanitization of your hearing instruments while they are being charged and dried.
  • Extra USB output on the rear of the unit so you can also charge other devices.
  • Gentle heat (80°-85° F) for drying rechargeable devices
  • 6-hr. drying cycle
  • UV-C lamp reduces bacteria* during 5-min. cycle
  • Unit shuts off automatically at the end of the cycle - batteries will continue to charge until charging is complete

*Reduces 99.9% of bacteria, specifically Staphylococcus Aureus.