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Brand Phonak

Serenity Choice Shooting and Hunting KIM12


Designed specifically for musicians, music lovers, and concert goers to help prevent hearing damage in loud listening environments 

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Best for protecting user’s ears from the peak sound pressure level of gun shots, fireworks, and explosions. The patented impulse filter technology reduces these high-pressure sounds to safe levels that are less likely to cause long-term hearing damage.



  • Optimum protection against impulse sound (gunfire)
  • Ambient and commands heard
  • No occlusion
  • Healthy moisture balance
  • Hygienic: Acoustic filters are fitted with advanced technology mesh and are designed to allow air to enter the ear and therefore are comfortable to wear for a long time.
  • Hypoallergenic: Ear plugs are made from medical grade TPE.
  • Developed for military use.
  • When sound peaks are not present, Shooting/Hunting provides 19 dB SNR attenuation of ambient sounds, ensuring voice and background noise can be heard whilst maintaining sound directionality with the minimum occlusion effect